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27th December 2017

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re managing to take it easy throughout this week.

If you have some spare moments, have had enough of watching TV and are looking for something to read…

Or you’re quietly getting some work done, while your clients are on holiday….
You might enjoy some of the most popular pieces I shared over 2017:

  • 25 years in business.... This is my biggest lesson. The title of this piece is self-explanatory! Click Here to discover my greatest takeaway from a quarter of a century as a business owner, working with other business owners.
  • Is your pricing wrong? There is one key sign that you may be under-charging your clients. Click here to find out what it is.
  • How to find a proactive accountant. Every business wants their accountant to be more proactive. So why are proactive accountants so elusive? And where do you find one? Find out here.
  • Become best friends with your bank manager… Here’s how. Want a better relationship with your bank manager? It takes two to tango. Here are some steps you can take to turn your bank manager into your company’s biggest supporter. Click here.
  • What would happen if your accountant left? The story of one organisation which was left in turmoil when its accountant departed. Find out why – and make sure the same does not happen to you – by clicking here.
  • Value, not price.  If you focus on price in your marketing, you’re asking your clients to focus on what you’re charging too – and they will inevitably try to bargain you down. Here’s what to focus on instead, to make your customers much less price-sensitive. More here.


And happy new year….

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