Our best clients have this mentality

Giving financial advice to business owner.

The other week, I met with one of our newest clients.

They wanted to discuss two issues…

First, how to organise and manage their employee share scheme, in order to incentivise key people and keep them in the fold…

And second, how to maximise the returns from their building, which they are looking to purchase.

All this was music to my ears…

…Because although this is a new relationship, I can see that they are already embracing it for what it’s really worth. And in my book, that makes them ideal clients.

You see, we have a very different relationship with our clients than ‘standard’ accountants.

‘Regular’ accountants typically have hundreds of clients, so your contact with them is usually infrequent and shallow. They’ll take care of your basic accounting needs – for example, submitting annual accounts – but never get to know your business well.

Our model is very different. We have a relatively small number of clients, so we can get to know them on a very deep level and become invaluable financial advisors to them – adding significant value.

We are in touch with most of our clients on a daily basis, managing their day-to-day financial affairs.

But our ideal is to take the relationship further, offering support and advice on the deeper financial questions you must consider in order to thrive…

For example, what’s the best way to manage your profit? How can you reduce your debt? Is it worthwhile getting external investment – and if so, from where? How can you become less vulnerable to fluctuating foreign exchange rates?

And most frequently: “We’re considering two or three courses of action. What are the financial implications of each – and which one would be better for us long-term?”

Over the years, we’ve answered them all…

…And not just given answers, but then worked with the business to make sure they can implement the advice. We do this together – you are never alone handling financial matters when you work with us.

There are no standard, pat answers to these types of questions, which you would normally address to a finance director if you had one in-house. There is usually a range of options, which will differ from business to business. To be able to add significant value in these areas, we need to get to know your business very well.

That’s why it’s so important to us to have clients with the right mentality…

Our ideal clients see us as their business partners and confidantes – an integral part of their management team. To help you we need to understand you, and that means talking to us about your plans for the future at an early stage and engaging with us openly on your priorities and challenges.

Is that the kind of relationship you would like with your accountants?

If so, let’s talk.

Simply hit ‘reply’ to this blog or call us on 01279 647 447 to arrange a no-obligation chat about your business and financial management. We’ll also tell you more about how we work, so we can see whether there’s a potential fit.

If the answer is ‘yes’, we’ll arrange a deeper follow-up conversation. And if not? We’ll still leave you with plenty of good advice about how to improve your financial management going forward.

To your financial success –



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